Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mediaah! is dead 

This is to inform all our readers that Mediaah! has chosen to cease publication. I received a legal notice from the esteemed lawyers retained by a leading Indian media group who asked me to delete 19 posts from the Mediaah! weblog and also refrain from writing anything similar and defamatory.

There were three options available to me:

1. Delete the 19 posts, and get on with life
2. Don’t delete them, ignore the notice, and go on as if nothing happened
3. Don’t delete the posts, just delete the blog (or ALL that has been published earlir)
I have chosen the third. I have not deleted the 19 posts. I have not apologised for what has been written.

Several of you have written in to say that I should continue blogging. That I should fight them. There’s someone who has even kicked off an online petition (http://www.petitiononline.com/mediaahp/petition.html). While I would like to thank you all for the support, I would urge you to appreciate my predicament. As a solo performer, I don’t have the time, energies and monies to fight a biggie. If I would delete the posts and continue, the guys could still pick on everything I write, and slap a hundred notices on me.

While I may be in the right with all of them, the thought of harassment is distressing. Yes, I am aware that I have written in the past that if you’re in the kitchen, you must be ready to face the heat. But what happens if there’s a fire? Do you run or get burnt? Yes, I have run away from the big fight, but I can tell you that it was a very tough decision. Killing something that you’ve created isn’t easy. Also, it’s running away to start a new kitchen…

So: the Mediaah you see in the current form has to die. But the spirit of Mediaah! will live on. I will surely restart, somewhere and soon enough. On or before June 7, 2005. With a domain that’s not registered in my name, and with several safeguards in place.

See you soon,

Pradyuman Maheshwari
Tel 98200 76278, Email pm@mediaah.com

PS: If you’d like to be informed of when and where I’m going to resurface, just register for any one of the newsletters by going to http://messagebot.com/add.html. Please add your email id and the list name should be Mediaah with M in caps. Or better still, go to http://mediaah.blogspot.com and put your name in the newsletter subscription field on the right navigation bar

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